Organic waste reduced thanks to solider fly

Organic waste reduced thanks to solider fly

An unusual startup is addressing the urgent environmental issue of organic food waste.

Fly to Feed has recruited the black soldier fly to naturally reduce organic waste by up to 80%. In Australia four million tonnes of food waste goes to landfill each year. Food waste in landfill produces methane gas, which has a 25 times stronger impact than carbon dioxide. Cafes and restaurants, on average, recycle only 2% of food waste. 30% of Australian produce doesn’t even make it to shelves.

The new business, from Northern Rivers locals Scott Jones and Cameron Arnold, will initially be servicing commercial operators such as events, restaurants, cafes, hotels, education institutions and resorts across the region. “Most operators struggle with their organic waste” said Fly to Feed Director Scott Jones. “It’s one thing to collect it but another entirely to then deal with it. This system is easy to maintain and there is no buzzing. You are using a natural process that works for everyone including the flies. The system is also suitable for residential homes and we hope to work with councils to introduce this service soon.”

The 6th biennial Global Wave Conference held at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus in February hosted over 400 participants from 19 countries. The organic waste generated accounted for 60% of the overall waste and the Fly to Feed system reduced this, over just four days by 50%, and in total reduced the waste by 80%. “Their commitment to reducing the dangerous impact of food waste is commendable” said Andrew McKinnon, the organiser of the GWC Conference that gained certification from STOKE (Sustainable Tourism and Outdoors Kit for Evaluation). STOKE is the world’s first sustainability certification body for surf and mountain tourism operators, destinations and affiliated events. “The approach is inspirational”.

Fly to Feed are taking enquiries now for their ground breaking service which includes assessment, bins, servicing and cleaning, collection, support and evaluation.

For further information, interviews and images contact Cameron Arnold 0407175865 or Scott Jones 0419144222