Reducing your onsite reduction of food waste.

Making it easy for you to do your part in climate change


Collect organic waste and let the system take care of the rest.

The BSF will work around any small plastic wrappers, eating utensil’s, straws, cups, moving through to the end of the system, enviro. paper products will also be consumed.

The majority, certain woody items will not be processed, e.g. corn cobs, avocado nut, a few skins and rind, but they will come out as natural ground mulch.
Space, your waste placed into the system, access for site maintenance, open two way communication.

This will be dependant on the size of system required, our service is developed to reduce impact both monetarily and environmentally. Our initial assessment will consider the volume of waste that can be diverted and your current cost of waste removal.

No not at all…Black Soldier Flies (BSF) as adults will lay eggs above waste after mating then fly away to complete their 4 days of adult life and be consumed by nature as native feed or compost.
We don’t, and actually shouldn’t try too, it’s a natural cycle that we provide an optimal habitat to utilize it as a resource
It has been done on very small and very large scales around the globe, with great proof of success, our systems fill the void in between.
Our domestic systems will be no bigger than a low wheelie bin, our commercial systems are a scaled version of the domestic with consideration of volume, efficiency of space is of key consideration.

Who we are

A team that values systems and ethos that offer real solutions to a very real world problem.

We invite you to collaborate with us and create a personalized system for your food waste solution.

Why Fly to Feed

  • Holders of extensive background in Retail management, Tourism and Manufacturing that brings this experience into the waste diversion solutions with fresh eyes.

  • Extensive networks within the business, government and educational research communities.

  • Works with the Natural process of Black soldier Fly (BSF) having well over 200 years of proven capability and is already being harnessed in other high tech waste applications., with proven results.

  • Strategically focused on passive mechanics, low environmental impact manufacture,

    nomadic / off grid setup,  snap on scaling for differing quantities. Cost efficient on site systems for   

    residential and Commercial options.

  • Relatable and engaged individuals wanting to make a difference.
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